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Before when you are still a child you used to play outside together with your friends, right? You are running, shouting and laughing under the sun. However, things really did change. And these changes even managed to alter everyone’s lifestyle. Instead of running around under the blue sky, children today are now more interested in playing inside their houses and play computer games. Adjusting to the current lifestyle isn’t really bad, but a good balance is also recommended.

Computer games are a good way to have fun, especially during the times when you can’t play outdoors. There are various types of computer and virtual games that have been created as a form of entertainment. In the present time, some of these games were derived from famous TV and movie shows. Mostly, those inspired with these out of this world characters and settings. It can’t be denied since the main target markets of the manufacturers are the children. These are the Sci Fi games inspired software that can be downloaded through computers or bought in software stores.

One great example of a Sci Fi game that was played by many players ever since it was created and released to the market is the ‘Star wars: X-wing’. The game has an outer space and galactic setting to start with. The player is the pilot, and they must vanquish their enemies as they completed the game.

There is a new one; you might have played with it already or not. ‘2029 online’ is a game which is designed to be like MMORPG. The landscape, the abilities of every participant of the game and the wonderful adventures that they need to succeed. You’ve got all the fun here.

If you want a lighter Sci Fi game, ‘Alien adoption agency’ is fitted for you. Adopt your own alien and raise it with love. You can feed them, train them and allow them to battle with others. Even if the graphic is lighter compare to the others, parental supervision is highly recommended.

‘Asgard heroes’, an alien and space travels experience. Build your own colony by colonizing other planets. Another one is the ‘Mass effect’ which is released in year 2007. This is one of the top Sci Fi games that you can ever play. Meet new characters and interact with other species. The settings and the effects are for you to discover too.

‘Dead frontier’ a game where you as the character of the game need to strive as means for survival. The setting is in a City where in zombies kill people. See if you can survive in a City where scary creatures are after to your life. How far will you survive? If you want a Sci-Fi game which is closer to reality yet with a twist? You have to play ‘entropia universe’. Meet with real people and do real to life activities with them. Next is the ‘Bioshock’, a Sci-Fi game which is set in an underwater adventure. The game was influenced by the best Sci-Fi films and shows. In this game, only those who have the best mind can survive.