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The television serial ‘Medium’ was a chilling drama of sci-fi genre, based on the book ‘Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye’ written by psychic medium Allison DuBois. It was premiered from January, 2005 to November 15, 2006. Allison DuBois, born on January 24,1972  in Phoenix, Arizona, used  her psychic abilities to help the law enforcement authorities such as the Texas Rangers and the Glendale, Arizona police department to resolve intractable criminal cases and bring  killers to the book. The serial produced by Paramount Pictures and telecast by the NBC was created by Emmy Award-winning executive producer and director Glenn Gordon Caron of ‘Moonlighting’ fame. Patricia Arquette of "Stigmata," "Flirting with Disaster" fame was cast to play the role of DuBois.

Arquette is a young, strong willed, devoted wife and mother who has been trying to find meanings in her dreams and visions of the dead people. She is a law student who thinks that she can communicate with the spirits of dead people, see future in her dreams and read what is going on in the minds of the people. She grows apprehensive about her mental health and turns for support to her husband Joe played by Jake Weber, "U-571". Joe gradually comes to believe that her visions are true. But the real challenge before Arquette is to convince her boss D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) and other doubting Thomases in her office that her psychic abilities can really help them solve the horrifying crimes and mysteries whose secrets reside with those who have gone beyond the grave.

According to DuBois, the series is based on the experiences of her life but not every show of the serial is a biographical portrayal of her life. Several details of Arquette’s character resemble the life of DuBois. The name of Arquette’s husband, Joe, is the same as that of DuBois’s husband. He is an aerospace engineer both in real and reel life. Arquette too has three daughters like DuBois has. Sofia Vassilieva and Maria Lark star as Ariel and Bridget, the DuBois children. The first case resolved by Arquette was baffling the Texas Rangers. In real life too DuBois was consulted by the same law enforcement agency.