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 The abbreviation ‘Sci-fi’ stands for science fiction. The term was first coined by Forrest J Ackerman in 1954 as a pun to imitate the term ‘hi-fi’.

The advancement of science and its successful exploration of new worlds in the space and its dazzling forays into various other areas of knowledge have fuelled the human imagination to create new adventures through the applications of science in the area of fiction. The TV and Cinema viewing audiences lap up these stories eagerly as Science Fiction provides great scope for the imagination to run wild almost amok by using strange gizmos, robots and a variety of space ships zooming across the skies. A Batman leaping across skyscrapers, a Spiderman breaking all bounds of imagination in his superhuman adventures, a space ship hurtling across the space and the laser beams slicing the planets, all in the space of half-an-hour’s TV serial thrill the viewers and fire up their imagination as never  before..

Sci Fi Movies

Compared to TV shows that runs for months and years. Movies are shorter, more precise than the tv series. As an audience, you don’t have to wait for long days before you can finally watch the most awaited ending of the show. While in movies, you just have to sit back, relax and lay your eyes in the big screen for the rest two to three hours. The action, the drama, romance, thrill and satisfaction, you can all get those mixed emotions for a short span of time. That’s the advantage of movies.

When science and fiction met, the combination is a bomb. It means all the impossible comes to life, and it is right in front of your eyes. Travel across the entire universe as characters in the scripts come into life. See the action occur in front of you as they unravel the mysteries and conquer the adventures of truth-based stories. Sci-Fi is considered as one of the most favorite genres in terms of movies. It is all about science, there are facts and reality about science and technology there, which is mixed up with stories that are beyond reality.

Shows in big screen have been accepted by many viewers since. The numerous Sci Fi movies that have been produced in different parts of the world are uncountable. However, only the best are known and remembered by people up to this time.  Do you want to know those movies? Have a glance to the short list of most celebrated Sci Fi movies.

  • ‘Star Wars’, the combination of human life form, robots and aliens in a film. The great story line and the future settings of the movies. It captures the taste of the people. The space travelling and galactic heroes. You’ve got all the excitement in one.
  • ‘Transformers’, from a famous cartoon show to the big screen. Transportation vehicles such as big trucks, beetle cars and more. Everyone knows who are Optimus prime, bumble bee, Megatron and etc. Machines that can talk and can transform into people’s everyday heroes.
  • ‘2001: A space odyssey’, when it comes to outer space movies, nothing beats up Sci-Fi movies. They are just extremely the best. This movie let their audience’s experiences different kinds of emotions.  A story between astronauts who discovered an alien. The meetings of various celestial beings.
  • ‘The Matrix’, cool moves and cool action scenes. A different taste of ‘Sci Fi movies’, this movie really captured the wild imaginations of the people. The great story line that allows the audience to think and learn while they are looking at the film.
  • ‘Planet of Apes’, there has been several debates about the world’s creation and where human came from. This movie tells people about human’s origin.
  • ‘E.T.: The extra-terrestrial’, did you remember the first time you’ve watched this movie? The moment where you laugh your heart loud and the same time you cried? A touching movie about the friendship of a young human boy and an alien. This sci-fi movie received a lot of appraisal because it captures the heart of many people.