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Top Sci Fi Movies

Many decades passed by, changes took placed secretly. Not really secretly since most of the visible changes were detected by people. In the entertainment industry, evolution really takes a certain pace. Who would have thought, before people only entertain themselves by reading news columns from daily papers? Radio programs were soon discovered then television series followed by the big screen. Movies and films were made and released in the Sci Fi genre.

Old and new Sci Fi films, they are all here. Do you want to know some of it? If you are a Sci Fi lover then this list is good for you.

These are the top rated Sci Fi movies that you might have seen already, will watch and re-watch again.

  • Starwars movie series – Nothing beats the original outer space encounters of your favorite star wars characters. And that includes their adventures and actions in defending the universe. Take note their costumes, settings and their cool high-tech weapon.
  • Inception- this is a new movie showed last 2010. It is a combination of action, adventure and Sci-Fi genre. The story is all about progress of technology to its highest level. The technology’s ability to enter and even invade every people’s dreams is scary. Watch how your heroes battle with the foes.
  • The matrix –this movie was released in 1999. It has been a decade since it was presented in the film worldwide. And people can’t still get over it. The conflict between a hacker and the controller as war arises. Establishing their roles in the society.
  • Terminator 1 and 2- this movie was released in the early 90’s. A suspense-thriller sci-fi movie between human and a cyborg.
  • Alien- an old horror-Sci fi movie which is showed in 1979. During this time people began to suspect the presence of the aliens. They are a group of life forms said to be an inhabitants of other planets aside from earth. This inspires the author to write a movie about them together with a mining ship and some people. They landed in a planet and meet the aliens.
  • WALL-E- the movie was released in 2008. The story revolves around a robot that departed to earth to know if the place is still capable of living with people. In the story, people are living in a big ship outer space.  The high technology spoiled them too much that, they even prefers riding in a flying machine/chairs than walking. This is a heartwarming film as a small and damaged robot make strive hard to save the only hope that sprout in the planet.
  • A clockwork orange- showed in 1971. This is a story of a man who is put in jail and undergone experimentation to become a tool in solving various crime problems. And there’s a lot more twist to see.
  • Back to the future- a family movie. When a man created a time travel machine and went back to the past. Due to this, a man’s family is meant to be broken. And they need to save it no matter what, using the machine.
  • Other famous and top Sci Fi movies are the following; Moon, Evangelion, Jurassic park, Iron Man, E.T and more.