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Battlestar Gallactica

When someone hears Battlestar Gallactica, only one specific thing would enter their mind. And that is a famous Science fiction that is an authentic American-made movie and TV series. This one-of-a-kind creation by Glen A. Larson was first televised in 1978. Three years after it was broadcast, mini/short series with the same title was relayed.

The story became an instant hit. There are several releases of comics and novels. The TV series continue to run as it was shown again in 2003 upto 2009. People who were born during the time it was released and broadcast already know the plot line of the show. It was also played in the big screen.

Upon hearing the title itself, you can come up with a conclusion of what kind of show it is even if you haven’t seen it.  There have been numerous Sci Fi films today so it is not impossible if the youngsters aren’t familiar with it. Although it is quite impossible since it even has a prequel entitled ‘Caprica’, which is shown between the year 2010 & 2011. This will trigger the curiosity of the modern Sci Fi lovers.

What’s with Battlestar Galactica? Is it all about aliens, battle between human and celestial being or a sort of space travelling? Doesn’t it sound too interesting to be neglected? The story mostly revolves around the universe, mainly the galaxy.  It also deals with human life form as they live in a certain planet called ‘Twelve colonies’. Based from summaries and write ups, these groups of humans came from ‘Kobol’. This is their original home world, and a makeup planet.

The main antagonists of the show/story are the Cylons. It said that wars have been implied by the Cylons and the twelve colonies many years ago. Cylons are cybernetic races. And their main purpose to live is to terminate humans.

Cylons tricked the twelve colonies by offering ceasefire and peace to human. Cylons has a human genius on their sleeves name Baltar. He was force to help the enemy in attacking human colonies and the starship that serves as their defense from invaders. There are several survivors who happened to seek refuge in different parts of the outer space. They escaped from the massive attacked of the cylons.

A ship named ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is the only starship that survived the attack. It was led by Commander Andama. The battle continued as the ship begins to save other survivors and bring them to earth, which serves as the 13th colony of human home.

If you want to watch an old TV series and film, Battlestar Galactica should be in your top list. You won’t regret it. The time you will use in watching won’t be wasted at all. You can feel the excitement as you see those battleships, love the characters as well as their faith in saving humankind and battling the foes. You will begin to hate the enemies as they attacked your favorite heroes’ homeland. Share the tears as you see the drama and action in every scene.