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Sci Fi TV Shows

People are sucker for adventures. They want to feel their adrenaline rushing throughout their veins as their heart race with their breath. It is dangerous but who cares? As long as they are having fun then everything would be alright. They are also a sucker for mysteries. Adventure and mystery blended together? It is a perfect combination. When you add science along with fiction, it would be too nice. You’ve just got science-fiction together as one.

Who doesn’t want to watch sci fi TV shows? Children are more hooked into these. Why? Compared to adults, these youngsters possessed wilder imaginations. Their world is filledwith interesting ideas that is incomparable. They can’t separate real from fake and reality from imagination. What makes Sci Fi TV shows instant hit? Aside from the interesting stories, the characters, the costumes and the colorful backgrounds and scenes makes everything swoon to it.

Sci-Fi stands for Science and Fiction combination. It is actually a story genre in the fiction category. What makes it different from other fiction stories? Sci-fi deals with imaginary characters or nonsupernatural settings. It could be a setting in the future where in technology and science is way too high when you compare it today. You may say taller buildings with cars flying around. It could also be a show where humans are talking and working together with aliens and there are a lot of space travels. It could also be paranormal activities. You can say that it is closely related with fantasy but not the same. Sci-Fi is based from facts but not really proven yet. This is often linked with reality and various potential and possible scientific accounts.

Many sci fi TV shows enthusiasts may know the top shows of all time. Ever since it becomes famous, many film producers and writers began to create top sci-fi shows.

Here are some of the best TV shows under the said genre that you might remember;

  • Who would ever dare to forget everyone’s favorite hero? The man in the block, ‘Superman’, the story of Lois and Clark. This became a phenomenal hit.
  • ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th century’, this hit TV show runs for about two seasons. It deals with spaceships, robots & laser guns and time traveling.
  • ‘Torchwood’, a three season TV show that are written and produced for all audiences who are hooked with alien stories, ghosts and deals with immortality.
  • Star trek’ TV series is one of the longest TV shows that anyone could remember. It runs for about 6-7 seven years.
  • Battlestar Galactica’, space monsters, spaceships, and space adventures. You can’t ask for more, you’ve got all here.
  • “Doctor Who’, a story about a doctor who can travel from time and in space. It was released in 1963 but a remake was done currently.
  • Who could ever forget Buffy, the beautiful vampire in the hit TV show ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’? A school where all the supernatural beings (vampires, devils, demons and etc.)
  • X-men! The cool TV shows about group of teenagers who possessed powers.

There are several of them actually. If it triggers your curiosity you can search more in different browsing site and open websites and blogs with the list of all time favorites, Sci Fi TV shows.