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A good movie doesn’t only possess the following characteristics: a good production, the best sets of actors and actresses, well-organized sequence of scenes, good story lines and scripts, the scenes were taken from the best possible places. What makes a movie more realistic, even if it is a sci-fi genre is its introduction to the audience.

It can really attract the viewers' attention. The voice that suddenly interrupts the silence from the very start of the movie, the creepy songs, the footsteps and the way it was presented. They are all best examples in making a Sci-Fi intro for movies. And since you are dealing with Science and Fiction shows and movies a strong and remarkable intro is necessary. There are many ways you can capture the interest of the viewers from the very start. It means a good Sci-fi intro would be the basis of the starter mark of the entire film. It should not be neglected. In a movie, every part is important.

Most of the Sci Fi movie introductions that were released and showed since normally started the movie with a voice over. This will be the voice who will narrate the beginning of the story or put the mystery that you need to find out along with the characters of the movie. This voice may either give you a short teaser of the movie or will tell you a short background or history of the film.  The variation of the voice may alter from time to time; the stories may change depending on what movie it is. The tone may either be slow, fast, creepy, lively or threatening. But normally, it is a monologue.  And since this is the most common introduction, audiences began to feel bored and look for something new. It is something that will boost up their spirits from the start.

This is when they started to stop monologue at the very beginning of the movie. Instead they used dual voices, which mean there’s a certain dialogue from two members of the cast/movie. Then after the short conversation, their appearances will appear from nowhere. Another easy way to start the sci-fi movie intro is to use words and letter as it appear on the screen. Instead of letting the viewers to listen to the intro, why not let them read it from the screen. And since they are reading it on their own, their imagination will start to grow and begin to feel the excitement.

You can either use voices or not during the Sci Fi intro of the movie. You may use instrumental music of course. The tonality of the chosen music will tell the audience if the start of the movie is a happy, scary or gloomy scene.

A sci-fi intro is really amazing. It might be the shortest part of the movie, but it delivers various and big messages to the people. It can also be used as the logo of the movie and become the audio background of some scenes in the film.

The Sentinel

The suspense movie Sentinel, released in 2006, revolves around the secret service agents deployed to protect the President of the United States. The story is based upon a novel written by Gerald Petievich-The Sentinel.

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